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A Performance Poem

By Samson E. GiftedPublished about a month ago 4 min read
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I. The Dawn of Departure

In the silent caress of dawn,

When shadows still drape the earth in their soft embrace,

We gather here, hearts heavy with unsaid words,

The air thick with the weight of imminent goodbyes.

This moment, like a fragile dewdrop,

Balances on the edge of now and forever.

We stand, eye to eye, soul to soul,

Yet already feeling the chasm of distance widen.

A tremor in the voice, a glimmer in the eye,

A touch that lingers, a breath that sighs.

Farewell is not a word,

But a feeling,

A memory stitched into the fabric of time,

A tapestry woven with threads of joy and sorrow.

II. Echoes of Yesterday

Do you remember the laughter, the shared secrets,

The nights spent under a canopy of stars?

Each memory, a star in our constellation,

Brilliant and burning in the night of our minds.

We were dreamers, you and I,

Navigators of an endless sky,

Charting our course through the vast unknown,

Our hearts as compasses, our love the guiding star.

But now, the horizon beckons with a different light,

A dawn that promises new beginnings,

Yet demands a sacrifice of what was.

We stand at the crossroads of here and there,

Our paths diverging, like rivers seeking the sea,

Each bend, each turn, a step further from the other,

Yet forever bound by the source of our journey.

III. The Language of Letting Go

Goodbye is a language we all must learn,

A dialect of the heart, spoken in whispers and tears.

It is the unspoken promise of return,

The silent vow that this parting,

Though painful, is not the end.

For in every farewell, there is a seed of hope,

A belief in the cyclical nature of life,

Where every ending is but a new beginning in disguise.

We part with words that fail to capture the depth,

The myriad emotions swirling within.

A hug, a tear, a smile laced with melancholy,

These are the fragments of our farewell song.

We must trust in the strength of these moments,

In the resilience of our spirits,

In the power of love that transcends time and space.

IV. The Space Between Us

Distance is a mere illusion,

A trick of the eye, a sleight of hand.

For though miles may separate our bodies,

Our souls remain entwined, a dance of shadows and light.

We are connected by an invisible thread,

A lifeline that neither time nor space can sever.

In the quiet of the night, when the world is still,

Listen for the whisper of my thoughts,

Feel the echo of my heartbeat,

Know that I am there, in the silence between breaths,

In the space between words, in the pause between notes.

V. Embracing the Unknown

As we step into the unknown, let us carry forward,

The lessons learned, the love shared, the memories forged.

For in every journey lies the potential for growth,

The promise of discovery, the thrill of adventure.

We are travelers on this winding road,

Each step, a testament to our courage, our faith.

Let us not fear the distance, but embrace it,

For it is the crucible in which our love will be tested,

And proven true. In the face of adversity,

We find our strength, our resilience, our capacity to love.

Goodbye is not an end, but a beginning,

A chance to redefine ourselves, to explore new horizons.

VI. The Light of Reunion

One day, when the stars align and the fates conspire,

We will find our way back to each other,

Stronger, wiser, with hearts fuller than before.

Until then, let us cherish the moments,

Hold fast to the memories, keep the flame of hope burning bright.

For love is a journey without end,

A perpetual quest for connection, for meaning.

In every farewell, there is the promise of reunion,

The light at the end of the tunnel, the dawn after the darkest night.

We are bound by the ties of love,

Unbreakable, unyielding, eternal.

VII. The Legacy of Goodbye

Our parting is not in vain,

For it leaves a legacy, a testament to our bond.

In every tear shed, every word spoken,

Lies the proof of our love, our commitment.

Goodbye is a chapter in our story,

A necessary pause before the next act.

As we walk away, let us carry with us,

The strength of our connection, the warmth of our memories,

The promise of a future where our paths will cross again.

For in every end, there is a beginning,

In every farewell, a reunion awaits.

And so, my friend, my lover, my confidante,

We say goodbye, not with sorrow, but with hope,

Not with tears, but with smiles,

For our journey together is far from over.

In the tapestry of our lives,

This is but one thread,

Woven into the grand design,

A testament to our love, our resilience, our shared journey.

Farewell, until we meet again,

In this life or the next,

In the realm of dreams or the halls of eternity.

Our souls are bound, our hearts united,

In the timeless dance of love and life.

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Samson E. Gifted

SEG, is a talented writer, editor, and publisher known for his exceptional storytelling and keen eye for detail. With a passion for words and a commitment to excellence earning a reputation as a respected figure in the publishing industry.

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  • Dr. Jason Benskinabout a month ago

    Your use of vivid imagery and heartfelt language beautifully captures the essence of goodbyes, turning them into a universal experience that resonates with every reader. Each stanza flows seamlessly, making the journey through your words both touching and reflective. Thank you for sharing such an evocative piece that speaks to the soul.

Samson E. GiftedWritten by Samson E. Gifted

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