Has a strong bond

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Family is important, family sticks together. Family has a strong bond that can never be broken.

Family all come together at any occasion, family never turn their backs, family pick each other up.

When someone is down the family will come around. All of us have a family that supports us.

Family welcomes anyone around them, don’t cross the line though because soon you will find the strong bond family coming from behind.

Family means thick and thin until the very end.

That’s what makes families bond not very thin. Family will love you and help you through, so what does family mean to you ? It means love, strength, and courage so don’t forget that family will be there really quick.

Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin
Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin
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Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin

I am a mother of 4 children , I enjoy writing poems in my spare time. My goal is to become an author and have all of my poetry published in a book.

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