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Sad Times

By RuthPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

I still remember that summer,

A time when I was younger,

Living my life quite mundanely,

I asked myself that summer,

How was I going to be now?

It was a random thought,

I didn’t put too much thought into it then,

Then as fall came closer,

Wen the winds were getting colder,

Snuggling under my blanket, about to close my eyes,

The thought came again,

What was it going to be like this time next year?

I had thought then that my family would be together,

We would be under the same roof chatting, cooking smiling,

I smiled looking forward to it, started to count the days down,

Oh, how wrong I was,

I didn’t know that though,

So, this naïve girl looked forward to what was never going to happen,

Not too much a tragedy to some but to her who’s family is her lifeline,

It was agonizing,

I was still daydreaming,

Summer had gone, fall had come.

sad poetry

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I am here to see how creative I can be :) Enjoy.

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