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Fading love

"Fading Love" is a poignant and emotional free verse poem that explores the painful experience of watching a once-strong love slowly crumble away.

By Muhammad SalarPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Fading love
Photo by Mohammadreza Charkhgard on Unsplash

I thought our love was built to last

But now I see it fading fast

The promises we made in the past

Are now nothing but shattered glass


The love we shared, so pure and true

Has turned into something we both rue

The pain inside me, it never flew

As memories of us continue to brew


I miss the way you held me tight

And whispered sweet nothings in the night

But now my heart is filled with fright

As I realize our love has taken flight


The tears I shed, they won't subside

As I keep reliving the times we tried

To save our love, to keep it alive

But now all that's left is the goodbye


I know it's time to move on

But the love we had is not gone

It lingers on and on and on

A bittersweet reminder of what once shone.

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Muhammad Salar

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