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Eyes of a Dragon


By V DeviPublished 10 months ago 1 min read

These eyes ,

My eyes.

But don’t look twice,

Cause they can entice,


Even the craziest minds,

For they don't know what they'll find.

A monster within a person?

Now they tryna push conversion.


To treat me like I was made in a pod .

Truth is, inside me lives a monster and a god.

So be kind and don’t you forget,

For it determines which one you get.


See, they tried to build a robot.

But I finally pass as human so I can not,

Let them pull me back, like I forgot,

All it took to get back to my dragon heart.


Because if it was up to me,

I'd never ever be,

Be anywhere like this,

Where my loving soul is dissed.


But it's fine, I don't mind.

I am love in a human body, so I'll just be kind.


Because I am not from around here.

Pretty sure it's Venus.

So my loves, get your gear.

Because you can't ever unsee us.


Us, the ones that were chosen.

To do this job, unspoken.

So many of us seen as broken.

But really, every single ones a token.


Happy Janmashtami! They say to me.

Not knowing that it means ,

A god had to be born to make way for me.

But 'Happy Birthday V' is all I require from ye,

Because genuine kindness is all that I need.


To complete the mission and make them proud .

So, don’t ever look for me in a crowd.

Because I'm usually on a stage.

But, if look into these eyes, don’t go grab sage.


Maybe pray, make a bargain.

Because you just saw, the eyes of a dragon.


performance poetry

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V Devi

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Comments (1)

  • Adewumi Seth10 months ago

    Don't look for me in a crowd I'm usually on stage

V DeviWritten by V Devi

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