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The Truth on your Tongue

Erotic Free Verse

By V DeviPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 3 min read

Here you are, walkin up to me, tryna look all classy,

when we both know you look like glass to me.

Clear. Crystal clear in your intentions,

So see through, it’s hard not to mention.


So let’s get a few things straight,

like how I know you're not really tryna be my mate.

But something you should know bout me,

is that I don’t scare that easy.

Because sex to me is like breathing,

so don’t worry bout all that teasing.


Because I just can't get enough of it.

But only when you’re rough wit it like,

Baby, where you want me to stuff this stick?

Cause I can't do surface level, not even if I was stuck with it.


Talkin bout all the random things you find beautiful,

while we both know you’re really undressing me in your mind, so pitiful.


When I know the monster in you is hungry,

but the god in you won't start until I'm ready.

And for that I thank you.

But not before I hear you say “I wanna spank you”.


Because while you’re worried bout length in inches or time,

I’ll just be here waiting to get mines.

I won’t linger and I won’t run,

Cause I’m just tryna make you cum.


See I’m built different, hand crafted by gods,

I know, too much to take in.

So in summation, I only entertain those that reach this vibration.


Because to open up my body, you gotta touch my mind right.

Only nobody knew it was only for the night,

Cause I don’t like to fight.


So let’s start, let’s go .

You can go fast or slow.

From my neck to my waist to my hips,

Boy come and kiss these lips.

Yea those lips. Yes, I'm talkin about both lips.

Are you shocked that even I need a fix?


I mean why do you think I grow this Remy from my head?

So you got somethin to grab onto while we break the bed.

Baby come let me give you some head.

Lean back with no worry cause you won’t mess the bed.


Because this mouth is dangerous.

No, I mean like there could be six of us,

and I'd still be like yea it's a must,

c'mon let's all bust.


Lips so plump make u wanna grab this face,

Too bad we’re not yet at that pace.


But also, take me as you want me.

Bend me over, maybe even flaunt me.

Then spank me like you kinda hate me ,

and choke me like you wanna break me.


Cause you know I won’t ever beg.

Even if we do this on the reg.

Tears rolling down, cheeks turning red.

But you still will never see me leave the bed.


For darling no we are not done.

Because you know I only like sex when we both cum.

So don't mess up,

or else I wont lift my dress up .


But when I do, come slurp on this dragon fruit,

like we’ve got time to lose , but don’t trip a fuse,

I was never tryna be your muse.


I just like it when you slip inside me .

So good, got me thinkin is this real?

Wow, it just might be!


So slide a finger or five in,

while you dine in.

I mean why work for your drink,

when that’s not even a real kink?


So play until I’m drenched.

Go deep, get me benched.

Make so much juice that it gets you confused as to how she still never feels all loose.


So good she'll turn you into a stalker.

Shocked at the fact that I don’t even need a walker,

when you’re done with me.

Because see it's a part of my destiny,

To intertwine our energies,

While I sip wine and burn the weeds.

As you move through me like vines piercing thru my crevices,

Like Damn boy, you never miss.

Make me wanna give you a kiss,

Just so I could feel a lil more bliss.


So, do you get it now?

Or do I have to spell it out?

To watch what comes outta your mouth,

before you’re left with nothin to mount.


This is my truth, from deep within my lungs.

So if you’re comin to me all sprung,

You better be doin it with the truth on your tongue.


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