by Kayla Triplett 8 months ago in love poems

A Poem


Her eyes sparkled like gems

All the colors blending together

like water color.

Her lashes added mystery

When she blinked

her lashes covered her eyes

hiding the windows to her soul.

I wanted her.

To look into her eyes,

into her soul.

To see who she really was

and what secrets

she held.

Though I didn't know her

I felt as though I did

which made me want her more.

The way she walked

showed much confidence.

She glowed so brightly

I began to wonder

why everyone else

wasn't staring.

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Kayla Triplett

I spent a majority of my life in Virginia. I've always wanted to make a difference and I feel I can through my art and writing. I make up stories with emotions I've once felt or dreamed of. Life is a journey and isn't always expected.

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