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Extraterrestrial Espresso

A rhyme

By AdanPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Sharing coffee with our visitor from the stars,

Beneath the sky's canvas, beneath the city's bars.

As steam curls up from the cup so warm,

We'd chat of Earth, in the quiet of the morn.


The aroma of beans, the rich, dark brew,

Would mingle with stories, as strangers often do.

I'd tell of our history, our joys, and our strife,

As we sipped from the cups of terrestrial life.


In that simple moment, over coffee's embrace,

We'd bridge the divide, in that quiet space.

Two beings, so different, yet seeking to find,

A connection that transcends the limits of kind.


The alien's wide eyes, reflecting the stars,

Would search my own, through coffee shop bars.

And in that shared cup, a bond would be born,

Between Earth and cosmos, in the quiet of morn.


The initial thought that sprung to mind was the concept of coffee. This invigorating elixir not only serves as my daily fuel but also bestows upon me the fortitude required to maintain unwavering consistency. Its significance as a symbol of persistence and its role in fostering connections resonate deeply within the lines of this poem.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you enjoyed it or have any thoughts to share, please drop a comment below. Your feedback means a lot!

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