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exposing the Evil Mind

Evil Mind

By Caleb GoldPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
exposing the Evil Mind
Photo by Matthew Ball on Unsplash

In the depths of the human psyche,

Lies a realm concealed from view,

Where shadows dance with wicked glee,

And secrets take their hue.

The wicked mind, a labyrinth of thought,

Where darkness thrives and schemes are born,

A twisted tapestry, intricately wrought,

In this realm, morality is torn.

Within its chambers, envy breeds,

Jealousy consumes like a venomous snake,

Spreading its poison with cunning deeds,

Leaving shattered lives in its wake.

The wicked mind knows no respite,

Driven by desires that know no bounds,

It revels in chaos, relishes in spite,

And leaves destruction as its sounds.

But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of light,

A flicker of hope, a chance to change,

For within every soul, however slight,

Resides the power to rearrange.

Confront the wicked mind with courage bold,

Unravel its webs of deceit and lies,

Let empathy and compassion unfold,

And watch as the darkness slowly dies.

For the wicked mind is not invincible,

It crumbles in the face of love's embrace,

When kindness triumphs, it becomes invisible,

And goodness fills the empty space.

So let us not fear the wicked mind,

But rather seek to understand,

That with compassion, we may find,

The power to transform its wicked hand.

In the depths of every human soul,

Resides the choice to do what's right,

To rise above the wicked's toll,

And bathe the world in love's pure light.

Unveiling the wicked mind, we see,

That redemption lies within our grasp,

In unity, we hold the key,

To free ourselves from its wicked clasp.

Let us embrace our higher selves,

And cast away the wicked's bind,

For in our hearts, true goodness dwells,

Defying the wicked mind

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