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Every Girl's Worst Fear

There are bigger problems in the world, but that doesn't invalidate her heartbreak.

By Jessica FontainePublished 4 years ago 1 min read
It's a big ocean, but that doesn't mean the small shores don't matter too.

I wrote this poem about a fear I always have. Deep down, I know it's not the worst thing in the world, but it's a big deal to me so it's important. When someone hurts you and breaks your heart, then moves on like nothing happened. It's paralyzing. Why? Because we don't love ourselves enough to realize that we don't need another person to flourish. I wrote this to show you and even myself that we can find our own worth someday. This heartbreak WILL go away.

"For some reason I’m terrified

Of you moving on, finding someone better.

Pressing your lips against a prettier girl,

Falling in love with a perfect person you said was me.

The thought of it is paralyzing.

I can’t move or go on without your validation,

That you still want me.

You’ll go to college and start a new life

You’ll drink, have sex, meet new girls

And forget why I was so great.

You’ll see another girl from across the room

And forget I was alive.

Even though you could’ve had me,

You chose someone else.

You don’t deserve that after what you did to me.

It’s not fair how I get to suffer without you

But you get to find someone and prosper.

That’s a slap in the face.

And maybe that’s ok.

Life isn’t fair, boys aren’t everything.

I don’t need him to feel good about myself

Or to feel that life is fair.

I can do so much better. He doesn’t deserve me.

The only reason he would find someone else

Is because he knows he can never have a perfect person

Like me.

Life is not one person. Your happiness is not based on one person. If it is, then you haven’t lived.

See, I know my worth. Without needing him."


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Jessica Fontaine

Writer, photographer, college student, athlete, journalist.

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