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by Bou Too about a year ago in sad poetry
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I do most respectfully request that people stop dropping dead.

Y'see there was this joke I wanted to tell you next time we spoke

And there's all the latest news about the family and our friends

I do my best to keep up and stay in touch,

But half the time you're busy when I'm not

And then I'm busy when you're not and...

Damn! I really miss you and...

I truly wish you'd stayed just a little while longer

We really needed to catch up on so many things

Life kept getting in the way and...

Now death has come between us too

A girl could get to taking this personally y'know

I mean there's just too many of you leaving right now

And it's just not fair!

I can't keep up

I can barely breathe

I want to catch my breath,

But it's just stuck in my chest

And I don't know what to say

Cos I miss you just too much

So would you all PLEASE

Quiddit with the dropping dead on me

Just for a while

We're supposed to be having fun

Playing and remembering that time when.....

You always laugh at that one

You're not supposed to leave me just yet

There's still far too much to do

I really need you so much still

And I feel so abandoned without you

So please...

Just quiddit with the dropping dead,


sad poetry

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