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Eternal Waltz

A Symphony of Love's Timeless Dance

By Mohameen MoshoodPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Eternal Waltz
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

In twilight's gentle embrace, we dance,
Beneath the canopy of stars' romance.
Whispers of the wind weave through the trees,
As moonbeams paint the night with ease.

Each step we take, a melody untold,
In the symphony of dreams, our hearts unfold.
Bound by the magic of this fleeting hour,
We find solace in love's timeless power.

The night sky sings of secrets untold,
Of love that transcends, of stories yet unfold.
In the tapestry of time, our souls entwine,
A dance of love, forever divine.

In the stillness of the night, our spirits soar,
Through realms of wonder, forevermore.
In every whispered vow, a promise sealed,
In every touch, a truth revealed.

As dawn breaks, and shadows flee,
Our love remains, eternally free.
For in this dance, we find our truth,
In the poetry of love, eternal youth.

So let us waltz through time's embrace,
In the beauty of love, find our grace.
For in the symphony of life's sweet song,
Together, forever, we belong.

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Mohameen Moshood

Optimistic in nature

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    Mohameen MoshoodWritten by Mohameen Moshood

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