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Eternal Flame

Of the Holy Spirit

By Linda BromleyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Eternal Flame
Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

You first came many years ago

To a small room filled with many

Your flame appeared upon their heads

And Your fire upon their tongues

What was this phenomenon

This speaking of random languages

What is going on and how is it happening

Were they truly drunk at 9am?

But now, in these days we KNOW you

Our comforter and friend

The voice that murmurs for us

When we have nothing but groans

You’re the heartbeat of our souls

The speaker to our hearts

We feel your voice deep down inside

Like a fluttering of butterfly wings

How can we be without you

Oh great interceder and friend

Without your conviction

Would we see any repentance?

Without your discernment

We would be a mess creating mess

We long for the gifts you give us

Mercy, teaching, prophesy and more, MUCH more!

Oh Spirit of God, and the wind that breathes

On wings of doves you fly

Like a fire that jumps water

You touch each and every one of us


About the Creator

Linda Bromley

Just one of many creative outlets for me has been books! My whole life I’ve loved them and it’s so easy to make the jump to writing.

Recently I completed a poetry challenge and now, looking for more excuses to write, I’ve found myself here!

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