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ESFJ "The Pleasing Helper"


By Diorino GalvanoPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
ESFJ 2w3

With gentle hand and heart that knows no guile,

The ESFJ, a friend of worthy kind,

Doth weave a tapestry of warmth, a smile,

Wherein all souls a solace sweet may find.

Their boundless empathy, a flowing stream,

Embraces all with care, both great and small,

A loyal shepherd, tending life's bright gleam,

Ensuring comfort's presence over all.

A tireless actor on life's grandest stage,

They orchestrate with grace, a perfect scene,

Where harmony and order brightly rage,

And every discord finds a tranquil mean.

Ambition's fire doth brightly burn within,

To see their visions bloom where love can win.

surreal poetryStream of ConsciousnessSonnetslam poetryperformance poetryMental Healthlove poemsinspirationalart

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Diorino Galvano

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Eneagram Type: 5w6

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