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Erotic Epiphany

Discovering the Truth in the Heat of Love

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

With each touch, a revelation,

A newfound sense of pure sensation,

In your arms, I find the truth,

Of who I am, and all I can do.

My body, once a mystery,

Now responds with newfound history,

As your hands explore every inch,

And bring to life each hidden twitch.

With each gasp and every moan,

I find a freedom I've never known,

A liberation of my soul,

As I finally let go of all control.

With each beat of my heart,

I discover a brand new part,

Of myself that's been asleep,

Now awoken with a single sweep.

And in this moment of epiphany,

I see my truest self in clarity,

As you ignite the fire within,

And I find a new life to begin.

For in your arms, I find the key,

To unlock the deepest part of me,

And though the night may fade away,

My newfound self is here to stay.

Watch my hot vidoes

Watch my hot vidoes

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