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Epic Hero

A long and adventurous journey

By Jaidah HodgePublished about a month ago 1 min read
Epic Hero
Photo by Simone Pellegrini on Unsplash

The great warrior Banan strode towards the mountains

Eager for the challenge among them, anticipation gnawing the mind

Far into the distance, a great beast spewed its hot venom

Eyes deep and saturated with crimson blood,

Wings that span far into the sky

A mighty scream that shook the very heavens and earth

This sky-plague ahead of the great warrior was one

Of many devil-spawns that plagued this world with raven’s-wine

Red-stained eyes and pouring rivers all had to be vanquished to cleanse

The world of their impurities

Banan bested the strength of many foes

The one above ensures his warriors' safety and protection

In the past, an army of hundred men, skinless and frail

Watch over gold all through death and come alive to protect

I’ve knocked heads and bone cages all about

“Till finally surrounded in a field of bone-houses

As I walked, I crushed those who had fallen before me

Another creature, half man, half lion, roams the land seeking sustenance

Once stride to a village, brought the civilians all near death until I

Came and drove them out like he who bested the shepherd of evil

Those who lived were gifted food for strength and awards for bravery

Now at present, this sky-plague scorched the terrain

Dealing death to those who misstepped

Quickly, the warrior dashed up the scolding earth to meet his foe

Leaping in a single bound to slash at the beast in its heart-armor

Piercing it with each swipe of his blessed blade, drawing its crimson liquid

The beast shrieks in agony with every blow, spewing its venom to deter Banan from the sky

Slashing the beast's wings from top to bottom, grounding the beast

Banan, with the last of his energy, finally strikes the heart of the creature, ending its existence

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Jaidah Hodge

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