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Enthralled by the Untamed Might of the Elements: Exploring Fear and Fascination

Navigating the Enigmatic Forces of Nature and Fear of Submersion Amidst the Allure of the Wild"

By SuccessPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read

The untamed elements have captured my fascination.

The extensive impact of its ariose vibrations.

Nonetheless, I still have a deep anxiety about drowning.

My desires float vividly on the existing,

Given via the ages to generations still unknown.

I am mesmerized by the untamed

power of water in its natural state.

I spend my restricted time from the shoreline.

on this ruthless program to which I'm bound,

yet continue to be horrified that I may drown.

Rivers contour and circulation, adapting to

their environments with elegance and beauty.

Stable progress blazes fresh trails with uncharted surfaces.

I am captivated by white water.

Forever flowing fresh, never stagnant;

by magic moonlight, I am safely crowned,

yet stay horrified that I may drown

under the weight of dreams sent out

to sail on deep and tranquil waters.

Captivated by the Appeal of Barbarian H2O

yet remain terrified that I might drown.

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Over five years ago, I began writing. As well as writing, I am a social media marketer. My writing helps me create engaging, entertaining, and informative content.

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