Engraved Dream

Reality and Dream

Engraved Dream
  • How can I save this feeling in my heart?

I dreamt about this guy in my class

And we paired up for an exercise once

And maybe he’s been wandering

Secretly in my mind

But here he is now

Engraved on my thoughts for the rest of the day

Because of one dream.

Not just any type of dream though.

It’s One of those dreams that create a perfect image of him

Along with a feeling for him

That only dreams can create - and remind me

How much I want to be with someone

That gives me that feeling.

But I don’t think that feeling exists in the real world.

It’s just a glitch in your brain.

You had a dream about someone you barely know

Barely looked at

Barely touched before

And here is your brain creating a fake dreamland

About you and him being something more

Where you looked at him

And touched him

And felt him

And know him.

Then you wake up,

And you’re so desperate

To keep that beautiful feeling

That your brain doesn’t let go of it

And you go about your day

With a drug that will wear off by tonight

Because the glitch in your system

Allowed you to keep this dream

A little bit more in the real world too.

Maybe these are the small gifts from God,

Little essences of clouds

Brought to the human world

To give you hope that feelings and


And love like this exists.

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Melina Giorgalletou
Melina Giorgalletou
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