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by Eden 5 years ago in love poems
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A Poem

Dark glossy wine lips drift across skin.

Your third eye is on your kneecap.

You speak of sand when you sleep.

How it feels between your toes,

In your teeth.

You told me you want to be reincarnated as a song;

With sexy guitar riffs that make you feel things

Glitter nails and lime green boots,

Your energy is a peony flower.

You drink your summer shandy in the shower

And listen to jazz on vinyl in the mornings.

You infect me,

You project me

Onto everything you do

Everything you say.

All I can do is eat



Masturbate 12 times

Sleep again

Repeat bitch, repeat.

So here I stay

Locked away

In my living room

As the world around grows smaller.

Longing to be enriched

dipped in knowledge

rather than rolling around in puddles of common sense

Stimulate me

Challenge me

Confuse me

To be a person is a heavy burden to carry

But you make me feel like a feather.

love poems

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