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Eleven Summers Later

by Lindsey Warden 4 months ago in love poems

Summer love turned into something lasting.

Eleven Summers Later
Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

There is nothing so painful at sixteen,

As a summer spent much too far apart.

The pool was cool and the river pristine,

But I was left with a low, lonesome heart.


Church camp for two weeks is so very long.

Text messages weren't getting through to you,

And I got teary when I heard our song

Much drama and pining closely ensued.


If only I'd known then we'd date for years,

Grow up and marry and build a new life,

There might not have been quite so many tears,

Not quite so much whining, or all that strife.


Now I know our summer is endless.

First summer, the start, of love momentous.

love poems

Lindsey Warden

I am a mother, writer, and teacher. I write about things that interest me, and I'm committed to entering EVERY Vocal contest and publishing writing EVERY day. I plan to jump wildly from niche to niche as I think, write, create and explore.

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Lindsey Warden
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