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Eleven Summers Later

by Lindsey Warden 11 days ago in love poems

Summer love turned into something lasting.

Eleven Summers Later
Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

There is nothing so painful at sixteen,

As a summer spent much too far apart.

The pool was cool and the river pristine,

But I was left with a low, lonesome heart.


Church camp for two weeks is so very long.

Text messages weren't getting through to you,

And I got teary when I heard our song

Much drama and pining closely ensued.


If only I'd known then we'd date for years,

Grow up and marry and build a new life,

There might not have been quite so many tears,

Not quite so much whining, or all that strife.


Now I know our summer is endless.

First summer, the start, of love momentous.

love poems
Lindsey Warden
Lindsey Warden
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Lindsey Warden

I am a mother, writer, and teacher. I write about things that interest me, and I'm committed to entering EVERY Vocal contest and publishing writing EVERY day. I plan to jump wildly from niche to niche as I think, write, create and explore.

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