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Eid: Contrasts of Celebration and Suffering

Exploring the Divergent Realities of Eid Elsewhere and Eid in Palestine Through Poetry

By Creative ChroniclesPublished 2 months ago • 1 min read
Eid: Contrasts of Celebration and Suffering
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Eid elsewhere vs. Eid( ?) in Palestine

I gave you a bath and put on new clothes,

Took in the scent of mehndi on your fingers and toes,

Decorated your hair with tiny, colourful clips and a big flower,

Set a little handbag on your shoulders, a need of the hour

And blew over you to protect from the evil eye,

Hugged you, kissed you, "Happy eid, apple of my eye! "

I turned around and froze,

A scene from somewhere arose,

Both legs plastered upto the thighs,

Pellet riddled face and vacant eyes,

The smell of dried blood welcomed me,

She held close to her heart another baby,

A sibling who had jast breathed her last,

Life had turned upside down in the few months past.

" Mama, baba if only I could get a glimpse of you, alas!

It would have been the best eidi for which I could ask!

But no worries, I know Allah is with me,

One day not far away, he will surely set us free!"

I trembled, tears rolling down my face,

I lost my composure, sanity and grace.

So while you and I tweet and celebrate,

Do send up a little prayer for the less fortunate!

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Welcome to Crafting Tales, where every word is a brushstroke on the canvas of imagination and stories come alive. Join me on an endless journey through the realms of creativity. Let your imagination soar with every tale told.


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