I want to carry your fingerprints forever.


The air beside me is rigid and stale.

What you gave me dissolves in my mouth moments after you leave.

How I wish it would linger, like the marks on my back,

Though even those will fade.

And again I am an empty, blank canvas.

I want to carry your fingerprints forever.

Let your image fill the places where I am empty,

And let your presence paint what is blank.

For you, I would live until my very last day,

Just to be your cure.

I would let my eyes close in the night,

So that I might better understand your strife.

I would lie to the universe for you.

So take these worlds, and let them dissolve in your body as I leave.

You and I will supply each other with drugs until we wither away.

surreal poetry
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Zoe Dalley

I enjoy angsty poetry from time to time. 

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