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Echoes of Ambition

A Son

By Abigail WanjiruPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Under the shadow of a giant name,

Fame-bound son, yet with dreams.

Potential bright, a beacon's gleam,

But overshadowed, lost in the father’s plan.

Eager heart, a spirit untamed,

Desiring to ascend, to be christened.

Still the echoes linger, a legacy deep.

The son’s still tightly wound ambition.

By following footprints in a known indentation.

He wishes to escape, to really move.

A lineage captive, he weaves in silence.

In shadows he grieves his dreams delayed.

But within him lies a slumbering fire,

His own empire, a son’s wish.

For coming out of the darkness, be light.

And carve a path, ever so bright.


About the Creator

Abigail Wanjiru

Exploring the shadows of the soul through verses that bleed ink. 🖋️ | Conjuring darkness into poetry | Embracing the beauty in the obscure | #DarkVerse 🔮✨"

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  • Test2 months ago

    amazing work

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