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Earthday Everyday

quiet moments in nature

By Andrea Corwin Published about a month ago 1 min read
(c) Andrea Corwin_ Mount Rainier

Celebrate Earth, our

planet of blue and green

desert and sea

mountains and forests

rivers and streams


author photo

meadows and valleys of wildflowers

lupine, indian paintbrush

trillium, daisies, wild pink violets

author photo

popping up through cracks in the earth

and on mountainsides and valleys

author photo

critters, small and large

quietly living their lives, not disrupting for photo ops!

author photo

Please enjoy this beautiful planet and its wonders, the beautiful creatures living symbiotically (until humans disrupt). All creatures and the ecosystem are pieces of the puzzle that work when left alone. Teach the young ones to quietly walk the forest paths and look (or maybe they will teach you!). Wildlife is living its life, not wandering around for your photo opportunity up in its face.

Would YOU want someone in your face with a camera without permission? Wild animals are wild, not for humans to sit on or pull the baby bear out of the tree for a photo! (Disgusting human behavior was on the news yesterday.)

We saw a woman in Yellowstone at the end of a walkway, trying to photo grizzly yearlings. Stupid behavior. The mama made a fake charge to warn her, and she ran. On our way back out, the park police were racing to the point, full-on police lights mode, to stop the human harassment and protect the people with no common sense.

There are laws on approaching wildlife and safe zones, similar to the ones in effect for distance to whales.

Come to the wildlife areas from the city; KNOW that the wildlife is WILD. National Parks are not zoos; the wilderness and wildlife do not exist for your closeup photos. Telephoto lenses exist for a reason.

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Comments (14)

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  • Hannah Moore30 days ago

    So true.

  • Stephanie Hoogstadabout a month ago

    Great poem, and a very important message attached to it. We need to let wild creatures be, not encroach upon their space for our photos and other pursuits. I just shake my head at human behavior sometimes.

  • Denise E Lindquistabout a month ago

    Great photos. I so enjoyed the squirrel. It appeared he was posing for you! I said something about Earth Day when I decided not to post on my Facebook about earth day! This week is Earth Week and every day is Earth Day. Thank you!😊💕❤️

  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    Love the poem and the squirrel picture!

  • D.K. Shepardabout a month ago

    Great poem, photos, and insights! Well done, Andrea!

  • Some wonderful words and images in this wonderful poem

  • Marti Maleyabout a month ago

    Love your passion. Thank you for writing this… such an important message. The photos are gorgeous!

  • Michelle Liewabout a month ago

    The young ones need more exposure to what it's like not to have the resources we do. Happy Earth Day, Andrea! It's today!

  • Muraliabout a month ago

    Teach the young ones to quietly walk the forest paths and look (or maybe they will teach you!). That's right! Did you take this picture?

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Humans are so stupid! One day when they wild animals take over as they were intended too, I hope they do the same things to humans! Loved your poem and all your photos!

  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Wow it is a heartbroken poem about the earth. Your advices are really valuable for protecting our planet.

  • Katie Erdmanabout a month ago

    Love the poem! It always amazes me how silly people are. I'm always to find ways to leave the lightest impact possible and not disturb things. People don't always understand that it isn't their individual impact but the collective.

  • John Coxabout a month ago

    Beautiful poem and spectacular photos, Andrea, especially the one of Mt Rainier.

  • angela hepworthabout a month ago


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