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By Paul CrockerPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Entering this place, I thought it would be vacant.

Seeing as it's so derelict and ancient.

Who would want to stay in a place of such disrepair?

Yet, there's something heavy lingering within the air.

I saw you watch me from the corner of my eye.

I wasn't afraid of what my sight found.

Tragedy swept round me as I picture how you might die.

Feeling nothing but apologetic that you are earthbound.

Walking around, not knowing a date of its history.

This grave in disguise is one with extra misery.

Most spirits would be ecstatic to leave.

What have you left to achieve?

I heard you whisper something I can't understand.

My shoes are not walking on sacred ground.

There's a tingling that seems to be desperately clinging to my hand.

I can't help you, if I don't know why you are earthbound.

I did some research and returned to your resting place.

Found some clues to why your's is such a mournful case.

I'm not qualified to send you to the light.

But I will do my best to put things right.

The evidence I read was more than profound.

You made the ultimate sacrifice.

Now I know why you are earthbound.

They left you no choice but to take your own life.

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