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E and G Montgomery

'Till Death

By Donna Fox (HKB)Published 2 years ago 2 min read

Let me tell you a tale

Of love at first sight

Between Eric and Gale

And Cupid’s arrow strike

It be modern day

The daylight did fade

Eric on his way

For a cab he was waiting

Night fell and cooled the land

In a cab he did hop

Not knowing what fate planned

Arriving by nine and in line he didn’t stop

With clap of the hands as he paid the man

Music booming and base dropping

He entered the scene of destiny’s plan

Weaving through bodies, dancing and hopping

Entering he waited for the bodies to untangle

A path to the bar formed, cold beer was calling

Perched on a stool adorn by all, sat an angel

From heaven, she must have fallen

Music muted and heart in his throat

Our hero frozen, feet planted in place

Admiring the angel, removing her peacoat

She held no lack of grace

Surrounded by suitors

Smiling polite, not one held her interest

Regarding them no higher than looters

She rejected their advances and insists

A breeze engulfed the club

Cupid appeared, ready to execute his plan

No one noticing the mischievous cherub

Spying Gale he strung his arrow, upon her it did land

Towards our hero, her eyes did turn

She looked to him instead of through

Rising from her seat, his cheeks began to burn

Ignoring all other advances, she bid them ado

Our hero in awe

Now starting to panic, she was coming towards him

The most beautiful being he had ever saw

His knees began to buckle, looking down he curse those limbs

Dipping his head in fear

Waiting for her to pass, her motive unclear

To his regret she stopped there

Looking to him as though no one else were near

Looking up, met by golden brown eyes

His heart beat louder than the music inside

Her red lips began to move, his heart rate began to rise

Thumping so hard he felt he might die

She smiled as she spoke

Lost in her grace our hero felt drunk

Her eyes showing interest before her heart broke

Our hero being speechless as her features sunk

Looking sad with defeat, his angel turned away

Her angel-like glow had begun to fade

Realizing his mistake, he looked for the right words to say

For her hand he did reach, coming to her aid

Catching her silken hand in his, holding his breath in desperation

Swallowing his heart beat and preparing to speak

She turned back to him in shock and admiration

She looked to fragile in this moment, small and meek

He spoke and gave her breath

She smiled again, the rest is history

The won’t part again, until death

That is how we became the Montgomery’s

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About the Creator

Donna Fox (HKB)

Thank you for stopping by!! 💚💙💜🩵

If you are interested in longer works by me, I have two books published on Amazon.

Jogger's Trail and Fox in The Hole.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Your imageries were so vivid! I was able to see this happening like watching a movie in my head! I loved how she turned away but he was able to redeem himself! Loved your poem so much!

  • Awww, this was so sweet! Such a wonderful poem!

  • Jazzy 8 months ago

    This is so cute omg

  • Paul Stewart11 months ago

    aw, this is very romantic and nice storytelling! well done, Donna!

  • Novel Allenabout a year ago

    Lovely! Have not seen you lately.

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