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Dunning Krueger

An Inverse Poem on the nature of knowing the truth

By Penny FullerPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Dunning Krueger
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

You are not an expert


You will miss things


The internet knows

The truth and lies

You did not spend years learning

It’s obvious that

Details are wrong

Only snap judgements matter

Education doesn’t matter

Experience doesn’t matter

When you can’t see the big picture

It’s plain




Emotion is-

The only thing that

You can believe

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Penny Fuller

(Not my real name)- Other Labels include:

Lover of fiction writing and reading. Aspiring global nomad. Woman in science. Most at home in nature. Working my way to an unconventional life, story by story and poem by poem.

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  • Babs Iverson3 months ago

    Super!!! Loved it!!!💕♥️♥️

  • D.K. Shepard3 months ago

    Great poem! What a compelling subject for an inverse!

  • Gargie S Anand3 months ago


  • The Dunning Krueger Effect: A cognitive bias where people with the least experience in a subject or area are the most certain that their knowledge about it is correct or level of skill is competent.

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