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Dreams With Ink Stained Origins

From imagination to paper/screen and back into the imagination!

By Danielle Elizabeth AndrewsPublished 3 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Artwork Created by the Author via Midjourney.

I prefer to give life to my dreams

And expel them from my fingertips

Watching as they come to life on the page.


The reader’s imagination becomes their very stage.

Twirling, growing, infinite possibilities as to how they’ll adapt.

I have no real way of knowing.


My purpose is the creation of characters and story.

Their first breath begins when they land upon the page.

Inked words become a heartbeat.


I love watching them escape from their creative cage.

So many exist within my mind

I can only hope to give them all a voice in time.


Poetry and stories yet to be told,

Flowing through my veins

Their life renewed as well as my own.


The words pulsate with every inky heartbeat

As paragraph breaks transform to cobblestone streets.

Excuse me now while I give them their winged feet.

. . .

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An avid reader who also loves writing about all sorts of things (Life, love, family, books, poetry, the world around us).

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