Dreams are Not Dead

by Jay Cordero 2 months ago in sad poetry

Life as observed in a school cafeteria

Dreams are Not Dead

Dreadful sounds

Drowned the air.

Demon-like creatures arrived at their



Depressed, and


Detached from their day-to-day.

Devoid of meaningful connections.

Dying to be

Different, indifferent to the

Dire state of the world.

Desires of love

Desires of lust

Desires of someone, a

Dominant parental figure who can

Devour their feelings of anxiety. They are

Dependent on their love and guidance.

Don’t you see, my


Destiny calls you, while your

Dignity is at risk, chasing a


Designed to make you slaves.

Diminishing returns of your efforts

Demonstrate that your chains

Drag you towards a system

Disinterested in your soul and eager to

Disarm you, and strip you of your hopes

Disinterested you wake up

Disillusionment overwhelms you. And I

Don’t blame you.

Dead were the

Dreams of a better world.

Defeat of the

Dishonest will come if you rise up

Disembody the system we will!

Destroy their power we will!

For in unity we have strength.

Don’t give up,

Dreams are not


sad poetry
Jay Cordero
Jay Cordero
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Jay Cordero


Ever since I was little I loved stories; they made me feel connected to something bigger than myself. This is why I am working towards becoming a writer. I want to be able to replicate the bliss I feel when reading for my readers.

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