Flowers and May Showers

by Jay Cordero 2 months ago in nature poetry

when the witches dance

Flowers and May Showers

Sunny showers, and May flowers

all the towers rose from bellow

the little clear crystals from the skies

came together to form a rainbow

the witches danced in their towels

the roses screamed from above

they observed the people as they walk

but resist their aroma they could not


while the 'shrooms grew

they feasted on the dead

they recycled the matter in their environment

they let the creatures eat them

and visions they did gifted

the earthy flavor of their hearty flesh

contained all sorts of secrets to life


The roses, high and mighty,

found the 'shrooms grotesque

the repugnant matter in which the grew

of fecal nature, in which they rested


Merely mighty mothers

did come.

More than beings they were

mere by gods

morality in their birthright

massive hearts they have.

Moved by the little 'shrooms' ability, they

Merrily placed them atop.

life cycles

The little mushrooms,

unappreciated in the plant kingdom went.

so they lived their lives

confusing the rest of the world

are they plant are they not?

who knows???

that is their revenge, while they continue

their very important job.

nature poetry
Jay Cordero
Jay Cordero
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Jay Cordero


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