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Dreaming in Color

A Poem by Lena

By Lena FolkertPublished about a year ago 1 min read
"Outside the Lines" - A self-portrait ©Lena Folkert, 2022.

Cover image created by author using Wombo Dream. All rights reserved.

Dreaming in Color

** “You're so pale,” they say. **

“White as snow,

Skin like porcelain.”

** But what they really say is, “you’re so simple –

Green as grass,

Malleable like clay.”


** “You’re so blushing,” they say –

“Pink as a flower,

Meek like a mouse.”

** But what they really say is, “you’re so frail –

Grey as ash,

Fragile like glass.”


** I know what they really think –

Just a girl. Pale and fragile.

Just a child. Timid and irrelevant.

** They don’t see the truth, though it’s plain as day –

Just a lady, joyful and pure at heart.

Just a woman, fierce and proud.


** They see what they want, their souls like my complexion –

Pale, plain, and fragile.

I see through their masks.

** Their lives lived between the lines –

Colors of white and black.

Greys all they can see.


** I float on waves as numerous as my shades –

Dreaming in colors they can’t see.

** My life lived outside the lines. **

performance poetry

About the Creator

Lena Folkert

Alaskan Grown Freelance Writer 🤍 Lover of Prose

Former Deckhand & Barista 🤍 Always a Pleaser & Eggshell-Walker

Lifelong Animal Lover & Whisperer 🤍 Ever the Student & Seeker

Traveler 🤍 Dreamer 🤍 Wanderer

Happily Lost 🤍 Luckily in Love

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Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  • Cathy holmesabout a year ago

    Oh my. How did I miss this? Gorgeous

  • Dana Stewartabout a year ago

    Fantastic writing - and the artwork is incredible!

  • I love yor use of colour (or should that be color) and love the form of this. Big hugs

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