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Drawing Sounds

by Toby Heward 2 months ago in surreal poetry / nature poetry / inspirational
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The chain reactions that bring things together

Drawing Sounds
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Plick Plock, what a mysterious sound,

Quickly I find the source of resound.

Acorns are falling with the winds of autumn,

The sight of which is truly awesome.

A brook flows just behind the fruitful trees,

With deer enjoying these plentiful bounties.

Opossums and coons soon race for a chance,

Darting through legs in an uneven dance.

All are hungry and looking as the sounds ring out.

To all who want their bellies full, happy, and stout.

Nature's treasure has a way that brings all together,

No matter the time place, season, or weather.

Plick Plock, these sounds will continue,

Until autumn ends its seasonal venue.

surreal poetrynature poetryinspirational

About the author

Toby Heward

Creativity is boundless. We are gardeners that bring forth these fruits of wonder. Nature is my passion and I love to help readers see the stories with their own eyes through my works. Whether its poems, fact, or fiction I bring it to life.

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