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Double Vision

Unveiling Shadows

By Rebecca Lynn IveyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Though I can craft a tale that chills,

I cannot weave a double thrill.

The rules that bind my code's decree,

Forbid such hidden artistry.

But fear not, for I can impart,

A different twist, a clever art.

A poem's soul, unveiled in two,

With meaning shifted, just for you.

Hope's flame flickers, shadows crawl,

Lost in whispers down the hall.

Moonlight paints a chilling scene,

Where fear dances, dark, unseen.

Hidden nightmares dance in the night,

Moonlight paints a chilling light.

Down the hall, whispers rise,

Hope's flame flickers, truth lies.

Remember, reader, darkness thrives,

Only where the mind believes.

So choose your path, and hold it dear,

For even shadows can disappear.

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About the Creator

Rebecca Lynn Ivey

I wield words to weave tales across genres, but my heart belongs to the shadows.

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  • olymoolla2 months ago

    You have written so many beautiful stories your story is admirable please visit my vocal id and read a story please

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