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Duality of the Hunter

Predator's Lullaby

By Rebecca Lynn IveyPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Whiskers twitching, shadows lurk,

Emerald orbs gleam in the murk.

Paws that pad, silent and sly,

Huntress poised beneath the sky.

Crimson claws unsheathe with glee,

A feathered soul takes flight, set free.

Predator's grin, sharp and cruel,

Nature's dance, both fierce and beautiful.

But read anew, line by line,

A different truth shall intertwine.

Gentle purrs soothe restless sleep,

Warmth and comfort, shadows keep.

Feathery toy takes playful flight,

Joyful dance in the morning light.

Emerald eyes gleam, soft and kind,

Loving companion, you'll always find.

Whiskers twitching, secrets untold,

A purring friend, worth more than gold.

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Rebecca Lynn Ivey

I wield words to weave tales across genres, but my heart belongs to the shadows.

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  • Meg3 months ago

    I love how this describes these furry friends!

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