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Don't Wait Until I Am Gone

My father passed two years ago, within six weeks of his diagnosis. Since both my parents lived with me

By Bonac simthPublished 8 months ago 2 min read
 Don't Wait Until I Am Gone
Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

Treat me with love, dignity, respect and compassion

Now as I am healthy, vibrant and alive.

Don't wait to hear that I am sick and dying

To love me the way I was meant to be loved.

Bring me flowers and candy on any day just because.

Don't wait for a holiday, love and cherish me every day.

Tell me I am beautiful.

See my beauty in my body and soul.

Don't wait to see that I am disfigured

And then tell me that I am beautiful

Because you think that is what I want to hear.

Talk to me lovingly now so I can hear your beautiful voice

And listen to the ringing of your laughter.

Don't try to talk to me that way now

That I am deaf and can no longer hear your sweet voice.

Speak words of love and compassion

So I can remember those conversations

Even though I may not be able to hear them again.

Come one day and you will be sad, you will be sorry!

Treat me like a human being with a life

That needs to be lived my way...not yours!

Remember that our Creator gave you your own life

To live the way you please.

Leave me to live mine!!

I do not tell you what you should or should not do...

I just listen and give you support.

Why can't you do the same?

I am this way and you are that way.

That's because we are different...

We are unique...can't we compromise?

Bury the hatchet and move along.

Free your body, free your soul.

Let's just take the precious time

We have now to live and to love...

Everything else will slowly fall into place.

Now I am sick and dying.

You are now trying to love me, to bring me flowers,

To stroke my hair and to speak loving words.

Why did we waste all those years, all that time...

Just to be where we are now,

Now when I am too weak, too sick to enjoy your gifts?

Love me now...

As your sister, your brother,

Your husband, your wife,

Your niece, your nephew,

Your daughter, your son...

Don't wait until it is too late!

Don't wait until I am gone...


About the Creator

Bonac simth

“Nature has given us all the pieces required to achieve exceptional wellness and health, but has left it to us to put these pieces together.”—Diane McLaren

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