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Don’t Fear Summer

by Joyce Kay 2 months ago in nature poetry

Give it a chance!

Don’t Fear Summer
Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

The hot sun is shining bright from the sky above,

It’s finally a beautiful summer day,

I cautiously open my window with a shove,

Days like this don’t often come my way.

By Federico Respini on Unsplash

I am used to a crisp fall morning,

The colourful leaves that cover the ground,

The chill in the air warning the next season is coming,

The change during this time is abundantly profound.

By Giu Vicente on Unsplash

I am used to a winter that is cold and bleak,

Where everything has been covered with snow,

People don’t venture outside because they have nothing to seek,

Buried outside, plants are anxiously waiting to grow.

By Bob Canning on Unsplash

I am used to a damp, muddy spring,

The days where the rain doesn’t stop falling,

Staying away from flowers to avoid a bee sting,

If I listened carefully, I could hear the birds calling.

By İbrahim Özdemir on Unsplash

Even though I am not yet used to it being here,

If I give summer a chance, I know there is nothing to fear.

By Zwaddi on Unsplash

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Joyce Kay
Joyce Kay
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