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Dogs are my comfort

For the love of dog

By Wanda Joan HardingPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Wanda and Stanley the Boxer

I revel in the grit of exfoliating sheets,

Insanely happy on my sliver of the bed,

Lulled by the snore of five dogs.

Butt to butt with Nanny, back to back with Miryam,

Rosa and Yoji near my head and Bruno is undercover, warming my feet.

In the morning he’ll be jammed between Squirm and me,

Rosa having moved down by my legs.

Dog slobber is good for your skin, I tell myself.

Dog hair is like diamonds,

You can spot another dog lover

and usually tell the breed.

My errand list includes buy dog treats

From the pet store or Three Dog Bakery.

Sometimes I get creative and make homemade;

My shopping list has rice flour and powdered peanutbutter for their

cookies and pupcakes.

These dogs light up my life and thrill me to no end,

Much better than reality TV.

They wrestle, vocalize and bark like on The View, but funnier.

I sing them each their song:

Rosa-Roo I love you; Mirm the Squirm you’re so fine; Bruno-Mars little

man; Yugi-Ogi-Oh is a Mighty Mouse ; Stanley Manley is Mama’s Nanny


Mama loves you so!

I love my dogs more than most people.

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About the Creator

Wanda Joan Harding

Writer, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Portrait Artist, Devoted Dog Mom, Gardener, Singer, Amateur Archeologist, Every-Woman. I was an Airforce Brat who threw up over half of Europe. Traveling is my jam.

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