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Does a Roof Make the Home?

The Housing That Brings Me Home Even When I'm Outside.

By Danielle DeutschPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Does a Roof Make the Home?
Photo by Abigail on Unsplash

Growing up I used to think "home" was...

  • seeing mom's smile in the pick up line after school...
  • coming home to family talking about their day, watching TV, or redecorating with their latest house decor finds...
  • a tidy and well kept space...
  • a space that looked like the next Home & Garden magazine cover...
  • family visits in a college dorm room...
  • a roof to lay my head under at night...

But those are only partial truths, like the part of an ice berg you can see.

But time has a funny way of revealing the other half of it that's under the surface of sight.

The peaceful home we all seek,

Follows you everywhere you go...

Often it is overrun by distractions from the outside world like dust that won't settle.

Distractions we love to spend money on are merely partial truths.

Like a trail of breadcrumbs,

clues for us to decipher the world's biggest jigsaw puzzle

to understanding what we're made of and why we're here.

Some recognize the clues before others so that,

hopefully they'll be able to help the ones behind them catch up to speed.

Like a relay race, we all have a part that works for a greater picture.

Here's a clue -

Did you know every time you bend down to pick something up you might be feeding a negative habit unconsciously?

There's two ingredients happening here. Accepting where I am today but also looking at why the body doesn't bend smoothly - from the photo it's clear that there is shoulder/upper back stiffness going on (thank you computers). I'm finally accepting that holding this isn't that efficient for anything. It would be more useful to raise the ground up with a prop to help me extend the chest through the arms - it's possible as my teachers tell me. It's slow processing. But it's not about any one pose, rather training positive habits.

Over time if it's left unchecked it's sure to prematurely wear down...

Aging the body and mind faster than what's natural by design.

For me the big nasty unconscious habit was rounding the upper back and narrowing the collarbones way-y-y-y-y-y-y too much!

This kind of alignment if kept up throughout ones life is hardly efficient...

Think joints creaking and a cracking.

But the good news is, it can be changed and restored to a positive habit over time through conscious choices.

If not you will carry it with you whether you want to or not like a heavy weight chained to your body as you walk.

Until you decide to restore it.

Even the most celebrated personal trainers and sportsman would understand that kind of resistance training is better served in short duration, not an unconscious lifetime.

Sometimes until you put the camera on yourself,

you walk blind to it, heavy at first hardly knowing the full truth and freedom available as you walk...

You always have a choice though.

Choose to walk unaware blindly

Or choose to walk aware, lightening each step.

When we do heed the warning messages that aches and stiffness present us...

We start learning to trade our negative, inefficient posture habits to positive and uplifting ones...

Literally it will uplift and decompress your spine!

I used to want to rush to put my forearms to the floor but now I realize that is not useful until I work through the upper body stiffness that supports such a pose with the lower body.

A deeper peace moves into the place where chronic aches and stiffness once resided in your step.

It releases tension instead of unconsciously creating it.

Every time I re-connect in this way no matter where I am -

It feels like coming home.

The unfailing truth and love is near...

What has been with me my whole life is more fully realized...

...now, consciously.

No longer feeling the need to scour the high seas endlessly all the time.

For it is all laid out before us behind a door labeled...

Well, for me that door was "Iyengar Yoga"

Self-Help is not for Shelf-Help. Learning to Bend Efficiently By Design of the Human Body. There's always a prop around you to help you feel grounded and more fully present in the home that walks with your every step. Sometimes it's a brick, books, or your own body and mind!

Just as dusting and cleaning cobwebs is a continuous practice coming home is a continuous practice...

That brings a youthful vibrant attitude with each breath.

Each one is a new gift to share.

That's life.

Where do you find the unfailing sense of deep peace and love that is priceless?

A Few Notes About The Author

Danielle has been practicing Iyengar Yoga in person, online, and at home since 2016. She highly recommends working in person with a teacher at the start. You can find a certified teacher near you, https://bksiyengar.com/modules/Teacher/teacher.asp.


About the Creator

Danielle Deutsch

Danielle Deutsch believes all of us have the greatest super power ever - THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE! Some of us learn from our mistakes faster than others. Find a slower learner and give them a lift today! :-)

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