Do You Remember?

by Geo.Kiko B 2 years ago in sad poetry

I did.

Do You Remember?

All you said that it wouldn't hurt.

You'll take care of me.

It's going to be fun.

But all those were a lie.

You took it.

You took the most precious thing to me.

I told you, I wasn't ready.

I told you, I want to wait.

But me being me I didn't want you to leave me or get mad at me.

So I let you, I let you take the one thing I treasure the most.

I let you take the only thing that define me as my innocence.

All for what?

For not leaving me.

But you did anyways.

You left.

Not saying anything, not even a acknowledgment of my existent.

You told me you love me.

But, I guess I'm the fool here to actually believing you.

And there you have it.

Pain all over

It's better now. RIGHT?

sad poetry
Geo.Kiko B
Geo.Kiko B
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