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Do these warm healing texts heal your heart?


By Dylan M ParkinPublished about a year ago • 3 min read

How gentle to be worthy of favoritism and exception.

Wait for the day when the bitterness is over, the mountains, rivers, stars and the moon are doing congratulatory gifts.

If you aim at the moon, even if you are lost, you are still falling between the bright stars.

The journey of a young girl is the sea of stars and not the world of fireworks

You may not shine brightly, but you are always warm with light.

In the world like a lotus, pure heart and elegant, not dirty, not dirty, light look at the pomp and circumstance.

In short, the years are long, but worth waiting for.

You don't have to look up to others, you are also the scenery.

The regrets of the summer will certainly be gently dissolved by the autumn breeze, and you must also cross the stars to embrace a better self.

Don't let life ravage the tenderness between your eyebrows.

A falling star can't darken the entire starry sky. A flower withered, not desolate the whole spring

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

Even if the world is barren, there is always someone who will be your believer

In the darkest part of my life, it was me who pulled myself out of the abyss. Without that person, I will be that person.

Be a sincere person, do not give up the love of life and persistence, in a limited time, to live an infinitely vast day.

The passage of time is the healing, and perhaps salvation, that equality bestows on everyone.

There is always a person who will turn your hundred steel into softness and teach you to treat the world gently.

The best state is a little closer to what you like, keep the love of running to the mountains and the sea, stay true to your love of life, and be content to move on.

1. like the sunset, when the dusk falls on the body, no fireworks, no dust, only light and hope.

I want to grow wheat in the field and roses in my heart. Food feeds me, romance heals me

3. We just step on the shoulders of our parents and see the prosperity that they have never seen.

4. even if you can not pick the bright moon, but also for this life to steal a shovelful of clear light! --River

5. When I become free, I think I will travel the world, see the mountains and water and love and romantic literature, and life.

6. the moon met from the clouds, flowers met and wind, tonight the night sky is very beautiful, I miss you again.

7. People always say goodbye slowly in the days when they don't hear or ask

The next day, we'll be safe and happy.

9. "Eventually there is a weak water for the sea, and then send the love to the witch mountain"

10. we all conceal the past nameless love and threaten to start a new life. what about you?

The next time a flower blooms, don't call me to see it.


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