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Do Mad Acts a Madman Make?

A tale of horror from the mind within

By Susan Eileen Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Do Mad Acts a Madman Make?
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It’s an eternal questions.

Who among us can stay sane

with reality that so unrelenting

Beating you down while standing in the rain

Tortured and twisted down to the soul

Who among us hasn’t fallen in that hole

I feel a void,

the darkest void I have ever felt

Its the grief I tell you

It truly haunts me in the night

In my ivory tower I think I am safe

Most are unaware of the darkness within

Why must I sin?

Why must this compulsion come in

To haunt me in the night

But in the middle of the night

I know that notion is fake

My heart beating so strong

The whistling winds swirling in my head

Just the songs of the undead

Now the sunlight is finally here

The madness shall disappear

Maybe disappear someday

I have to tell myself it’s just the madness

Otherwise the tapping on my oak tree -

Well - I’ll put this way

I’ll wake up insane

The madness within will finally win

You will finally know if

Mad acts a Madman Make

Get away from me before its too late

I don't care it I sin

Its the madness within

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Susan Eileen

If you like what you see here, please find me on Amazon. I have two published books under the name of Susan Eileen. I am currently working on a selection of short stories and poems. My two published books are related to sobriety.

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    Susan Eileen Written by Susan Eileen

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