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Divergent Human Races

Same but Different

By Introducing PoetryPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Divergent Human Races
Photo by Mimipic Photography on Unsplash

I was told to keep my crown hidden

Out of sight, don't let them see

I was told certain rights and freedoms

Would never be afforded to me


Beaten and bruised, at the start of the end

Depleted and used all to satisfy the masses

My strength weakens, and my will starts to bend

Vision distorted by broken glasses


I'm fighting a battle, not of my choice

Tears streaming and scars growing deeper

Forced into silence, to relinquish my voice

All because of their hatred of a certain feature


Stitched into a body, a pedigree, and rooted in a soil

All of which I had absolutely no say

Plagued by wicked desires, bloodshed, and turmoil

Your words discharge, and I buckle under the weight


I have never understood why YOU get to chant

What makes YOU more worthy?

"This is what you can do; this is what you can't!"

Your heart shows no mercy


About the Creator

Introducing Poetry

My name is Sierra. Writing is a type of therapy that allows me to express myself or the world around me in ways one-on-one conversations cannot. I hope you enjoy my works!

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