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Shifting Perspective

The Veil Lifts

By Introducing PoetryPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Shifting Perspective
Photo by Helen Ngoc N. on Unsplash

I couldn't put anyone else above you

You made me both fear and love you


Felt myself falling, but I still couldn't stop

Somehow still felt like I was somewhere at the top


Your heart beat like I was to believe

It was real love that I saw you bleed


You flipped the script, and I couldn't follow

Looked right through me, like I was nothing but hollow


Was any of it real, or was it just in my head?

You seemed to love me more connected by a bed


You made me feel some of happy; you made me feel some of sad

Tried to please you and pretend it felt good acting a little bad


You cheered me on, singing praise, your plaything I became

Your smile deepened, grew sinister, signaling the start of a game


I adored you, worshipped at your feet, but oh

It seems you wanted to keep it just a little bit discreet, uh oh


Once where it had seemed we in some way completed each other

Was really just us cheating, defeating, and depleting each other


Yes, I am struggling; it can't be denied

But words you no longer get to say bring peace of mind


I would rather be free and keep it minimal

Than to have it all and feel like a criminal


Bittersweet memories, oh, why does my heart still ache?

When I know there's only ONE part of it all that wasn't a mistake


Starting to finally recognize a stronger version of myself in the mirror

Without your voice in my head, I can see a little bit clearer


Emotional withdrawals and writing it down is working you out of my system

No promise of pleasure to distract and pacify me just because you don't want to listen


All the sleepless and haunted nights became a lesson learned

Keep playing the fool and dancing with fire, and continue to get burned


About the Creator

Introducing Poetry

My name is Sierra. Writing is a type of therapy that allows me to express myself or the world around me in ways one-on-one conversations cannot. I hope you enjoy my works!

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