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Dinosaur poetry about universal love

Poetry about dinosaurs

By IsaacPublished 22 days ago 1 min read
Dinosaur poetry about universal love
Photo by Fausto García-Menéndez on Unsplash

Morning light upon mighty titans of ancient, in primaeval realms where time soars.
They moved so loudly that the earth shook.
These ancient emperors, amidst profound landscapes.

Gigantic, powerful creatures, concealed by the darkness of day and night.
their outlines in relation to the sky,
An image of ages past fleetingly.

Tyrannosaurus, the Land King
with spanned claws and crushing jaws.
A hunter courageous, a predator vicious,
Eternally recounted in prehistoric legends.

Triceratops, decorated with horns,
A giant who was compassionate yet ferociously mocked.
It would graze in old woodlands, its armoured hide and unwavering stare.

Stegosaurus's arranged plates
It used to play in lush jungles.
A gentle giant with a tail full of spikes
Legends about it murmur in the wind of time.

Brachiosaurus, a massive dinosaur,
It was enthralled, standing above the trees.
It would stretch its neck to nibble on leaves.
Until the very end, a gentle giant.

Plesiosaurs with elegant glamour swam in deep rivers where monsters lurked.
Beneath the waves, their twisted shapes,
They brave the mysteries of the past.

And dinosaurs with wings spilled out into the air, where winds would soar.
Magnificent avian animals, they ruled over all others when in flight.

However, worlds would alter and time would pass.
They met their range in unfamiliar landscapes.
Their fossilised bones, preserved in stone,
A monument to a restricted world.

Nevertheless, their ghosts continue to haunt the dreams of the dead.
Their legacy, as told in our stories,
Of animals lost, yet never coming to rest.

When we see them, let us be amazed by their power and feel like we are in awe of them.
For we discover our own stories in theirs.
In the echoes of an other planet.

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  • Manisha Dhalani22 days ago

    What a wonderful tribute to those magnificent creatures. Nice writing!

  • Isaac (Author)22 days ago

    Wow so lovely Dinosaurs poetry ❤️💖💖❤️❤️❤️

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