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Dino responds to being called 'not so intelligent'.

What happens when a dinosaur judges the world!!!

By Novel AllenPublished 19 days ago 3 min read

"How dare they"?

Brentonsaurus, the self-proclaimed legal representative for Dinoland, growled menacingly.

"I guess that they forgot the scene in Jurassic Park where the velociraptors figured out how to open a door.

Or revealed they had learned to test the electric fences

The gall of them, saying that it is pure Hollywood hype, that dinosaurs are as smart or smarter than stupid hmans"!

The all-men panel smirked, as Brenton, well hidden, listened. Their egos dripped sweet, like molten honey.

"Well, until we do resurrect them all, we still will maintain that dinosaurs, it turns out, may not be as smart as we’ve been led to believe.

In fact, they were probably only about as clever as the lizards and reptiles of today".

Brentonsaurus smiled. These fools have no idea that we created our own Jurassic world far beyond where they cannot see, and that we are just biding our time for world domination again.

He hid himself well as he listened to the men things crow and croon.

The speaker continued:

"That might seem a reasonable assumption given they are reptiles, but a study last year suggested dinosaurs may have shown intelligence on a similar level to monkeys".

Brenton was amused at that.

"Monkeys you say. Then that means that you should consider us dinosaurs as more intelligent than you are, since the damned monkeys are smarter than you are".

Brenton remembered reading about the lifestyle of monkeys, it ran thus:

Like humans, monkeys form strong friendships and bitter rivalries. They fight for each other and take care of one another. And the leader of a monkey troop, when deposed, will even exhibit signs of depression. When we watch their behavior we get the sense that their emotional lives may share something in common with our own.

Monkeys never strove to build atomic bombs and horrid guns to wipe out their own kind. Silly humans should note the "they fight for each other and take care of one another" part. The dinosaur shook his head sadly.

But the insults continued unchecked as Brentonsaurus got madder and madder.

"But now we know that they are not that smart after all.

This is because scientists thought they had an exceptionally high number of neurons, or brain cells, in those big heads. This supreme smartness could have led to cultural transmission – the sharing of habits, in the same way eyeball poking in capuchin monkeys spread like wildfire – and even allowing the use of tools".

"The dinosaurs easily outsmarted people in Jurassic Park", someone snickered.

"But sadly, it seems T rex didn’t use her tiny arms to crack open nuts or shuck oysters like macaques. Apparently, they were more like ‘smart, giant crocodiles".

"Although still pretty terrifying". Said another.

Co-author Hady George, a PhD student at the University of Bristol, stood up and said:

"Determining the intelligence of dinosaurs and other extinct animals is best done using many lines of evidence, ranging from gross anatomy to fossil footprints instead of relying on neuron number estimates alone".

Brentonsaurus had heard enough.

"Go judge yourselves before judging others", he yelled as he jumped from hiding, which had been no small task considering his size.

When the authorities arrived, all they found were pieces of completely unidentifiable body parts and lots of blood everywhere.

On the large computer screen upon the wall were the words:


Lizards and giant crocodiles my ass!!!

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Excerpts from story by Katherine Fidler...Metro

No humans were hurt in the creation of this travesty. ALLEGEDLY!!!

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Novel Allen

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~~ Rabindranath Tagore~~

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  • angela hepworth17 days ago

    So funny and insightful at the same time!! Loved this!

  • Shirley Belk19 days ago

    Lots of food for thought in this one, Novel!!! Not long ago I watched a documentary on the lives of monkeys...amazing and sad. They even retaliate when other clans of monkeys hurt one of theirs. They are very territorial, too with strict boundaries. They have gender roles, also. Loved your take on this

  • Hahahhahahahahahaha I'm rooting for the dinosaurs! I want them to come back as soon as possible and rule the world!

  • It is wow Novel!

  • Lily Séjor19 days ago

    I thought Dinoland was about an orange dinosaur. 😊 Loved the closing line; being humorous with the humor.

  • Next Koding19 days ago

    The narrative cleverly critiques human arrogance and highlights the potential consequences of such dismissiveness, ending with a dramatic

  • Donna Fox (HKB)19 days ago

    Novel, I found this humorous and very thought provoking!! I like the poi t made about how we can't determine how smart beings that never lived among us were, but also speaks to the idea that sometimes there are mysteries we may never know! This also made me thing of "lizard people" in the sense that you had Brentosaurus hiding among them, like how people lizard people do... I half expected the ending to be him ripping off a mask to reveal he's not human but a dinosaur!! But your ending was great, felt like justice well served!! Great work here!! It's been a while, how are you doing? Well wishes and hugs, Mama Bear! 💚

  • Sid Aaron Hirji19 days ago

    Look up the dinosaur Troodon- they were likely the smartest Dino

  • Denelsia Walker19 days ago

    L🔥VE THIS! 💞💞💞💞💞

  • This is just the right blend of humour and commentary on humanity to be right up my alley :-D x

  • Oh my goodness!!! Yass this made me laugh so much I love this you're a winner I can tell here!!

  • Cathy holmes19 days ago

    Great take on the challenge. The not building atomic bombs makes me believe they certainly were smarter than us. 😁

  • Sabrina19 days ago


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