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Devil on my Shoulder

a limerick

By Matthew FrommPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Work by a.i.dox

The terror comes every night

And I’ve given up my fight

It’s impossible to know

How long until I go

I thought I could make it right

It stares at me through eyes of red

The thought of it swirling through my head

Its razor teeth

Its breath full of heat

And now it wishes me dead

This beast once came only in sleep

But in waking corners, it now peeps

Reality twists and contorts

The time between sleep distorts

Its harvest it now comes to reap

When I think I’m awake

The creature takes and takes

It sucks me dry

Until only it exists below the sky

And renders all other creatures are fake

I’ve tried to stop it

But it convinced me of its profit

That it could stop the pain

And bring calm like the rain

Until I woke in a pool of vomit

I know it was a lie

But I bought the whole pie

The beast wrung its hands

While he canceled all my plans

So now to only it I comply

At first, it was a joy

For company, I could now enjoy

But everything else ran away

Like ships departing a bay

Now I exist in its employ

I thought I woke from this nightmare

Maybe I’d no longer have to fear

That I had escaped to ground level

But now all I see is the devil

In these neon lights and cold beer

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About the Creator

Matthew Fromm

Full-time nerd, history enthusiast, and proprietor of random knowledge. The best way to find your perfect story is to make it yourself.

Here there be dragons, and knights, and castles, and quests for entities not wished to be found.

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  • Rick Henry Christopher 2 months ago

    Very deep. Well done.

  • Kenny Penn2 months ago

    Fantastic Matthew! A really good take on the dangers of alcoholism, or just drinking for the wrong reasons.

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