A Woman's Beauty


When you see her

Admire the creases in her face

That pave paths of three dotted stairs

Climbing to the intensities of her eyes

The laughter

That pours out like cast iron pot

toppled over lukewarm water

The sorrow seen like a sparrow weeping over her lost mate


The soft flourished skin

Harvesting the curved brunette pecan umber

Housing the millions of literature's, poetic

Tongues of her dome

Double consciousness

Severed the halves of her that could not agree

Yet occupied the same space

loving with a love that was more than love


A phenomenal woman

A small world

Now infected by

Her rough edges

surreal poetry
Bailey (BayLee) Elease
Bailey (BayLee) Elease
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Bailey (BayLee) Elease

I'm an Artist but I am also a human with a voice. Hope you enjoy listening.

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