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Depths of Earth

mysteries reside

By Niranjana. VPublished 6 days ago 1 min read
Depths of Earth
Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

In the depths of Earth, where mysteries reside,

A realm of wonder, where secrets hide.

Beneath the soil, a vast labyrinth unknown,

A tapestry of life, in darkness sown.

In caves uncharted, where light does not reach,

An ancient dance of life, whispers in each.

Creatures unseen, with adaptations rare,

Surviving in darkness, with utmost care.

The soil, a cradle, where roots intertwine,

An intricate web, in nature's design.

From towering trees to delicate flowers,

A symphony of growth, in Earth's deep bowers.

Deep beneath the oceans, in watery abyss,

Creatures of the deep, enchanting in their bliss.

Bioluminescent wonders, shimmer and glow,

Illuminating the depths, where few dare to go.

Through layers of rock, a timeline unfolds,

A chronicle of Earth, a story yet untold.

Fossils and minerals, a glimpse into the past,

Revealing the Earth's journey, that will forever last.

In caverns and chambers, stalactites drip and form,

A sculptor's masterpiece, a beauty to adorn.

Time's patient hand, etching patterns so fine,

Creating a spectacle, that's truly divine.

The depths of Earth, a treasure trove untamed,

A sanctuary of life, where wonders are named.

Let us marvel at its splendor, with awe and respect,

For Earth's deep path, an eternal prospect.

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Niranjana. V

I'm writer and blogger,I LOVE to express my words and thoughts,


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