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Mild psychosis ...

By Ruby AstariPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

Asleep and awake

sometimes mixed

sometimes fake

Sometimes the clock ticks

even in your deepest sleep

before the alarm shrills

jolting you awake from slumber

full of strange dreams

or nightmares

where you’re no longer scared

because you’re not sure if you should care.

You wish to get up

yet the bed feels like swallowing you whole

turning your body warm

yet your conscience stays cold

in this bizarre state

you’ll never come up with a name for

as you stare blankly at the door

Close your eyes

(No, open them up!)

Go back to sleep

(No, stay awake!)

Dreams are better than reality

(Not true, life still has something for you!)

It’s okay …

(No, it’s not!)

You won’t be lonely …

(That’s a lie!)

Don’t cry …


At last, you’re fully aware

that you’ve overworked yourself.

You’re exhausted.


surreal poetry

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