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Deep Scratches

A poem

By Conor MatthewsPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Deep Scratches
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

There’s always a boyfriend,

Soft and pillowy,

Lips beyond compare.

A fistful grab,

For grip,

Of perfect hair.


With silk for skin,

Tempting and fair.

Beneath me,


With a wanting stare.

Poised for me,

On the bed,

Of a cheap hotel lair.

Behind bricks and sheets,

Away from the envious,

Those who don’t dare.

My soul disrobes,

My feelings sting,

Grazed by the night air.

I am to dom,

Yet I am exposed,

My desires lay bare.

But sweet nectar kisses,

Upon my neck,

Rob me of care.

We are strangers,

But still the same;

One soul in a pair.

I wonder,

Do they perform like me,

Masking a nightmare?

But then we’re done,

We cover up quickly,

Returning to what we wear.

It’s over,

And we go home,

Baptised in the morning glare.

There’s always a boyfriend,

There’s also a wife,

I do this to never leave my darling Claire.

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Conor Matthews

Writer. Opinions are my own. https://ko-fi.com/conormatthews

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